5 conscious choices by Noshirt

Will your Noshirt shrink when you wash it for the first time? Yes it will, a little bit. But that is by design. (And for a very good reason.)

To reduce waste and pollution. That is something we take very seriously at Noshirt. That is why we don’t use anti-shrink treatments, and why we recycle undershirts that are only 99.99% perfect.

It is natural for a cotton shirt to shrink a little bit after it is washed for the first time. And the same goes for our Noshirts. Even though we could easily treat the cotton with an anti-shrinking agent so they don’t shrink. Instead, we've got a better solution: we simply make our shirts just a little bit bigger so they are exactly the right size after they shrink.

Why not? Because although an anti-shrink treatment might seem like a good idea, it is actually very harmful for the environment and for the people who have to apply it. The anti-shrink chemicals are extremely harmful. That is why we think it is better just to make the shirts a little bit bigger. We have made an excellent Size Guide for this, which is based on the sizes of the garments after they shrink. You can find the Size Guide for each of our products by pressing the “Select your size” help button. And you never have to worry about getting the wrong size, because if it doesn't fit then you can always send it back or exchange it for a different size. Even after you have washed it!

Our anti-anti-shrink policy is just one of the ways we try to be more sustainable and less wasteful. Noshirt is a great believer in nowaste, and we try to integrate this principle into every part of our supply chain. For example, we have a special cutting machine that cuts up the cotton fabric for our shirts and shorts in the most efficient way. This keeps fabric scraps to a minimum, so less cotton has to be thrown away.

99.99% PERFECT = 100% USABLE
Every now and again, of course, we do get a shirt back. For example, if somebody missed a stitch in the atelier, and then we can’t sell the shirt. But just because a couple of stitches are missed, it doesn't mean the shirt has to be thrown away. Or even worse, sold on the black market for sub-standard A-brands. Instead, we recycle it to make  laundry bags , or  shoe covers or  cleaning cloths. Recycling is just about being creative. And we love being creative.

People often ask us: 'Why do you wrap all your products in individual packaging? Doesn’t that create a lot of unnecessary waste?' It's a good question. Luckily, we have a good answer: it's for hygienic reasons. We make underwear, which is worn on the most intimate parts of the body. So we wrap each product individually to make sure it is perfectly clean when you get it. Furthermore, Noshirt customers can mix and match different kinds of products to make their own personal bonus packs. They can combine different sizes and different styles of shirts. They couldn’t do that if our shirts were pre-packaged in multipacks. Instead, we make sure our packaging is as sustainable as possible. All our packaging is made from recycled paper. Which you can easily recycle again afterwards.

Finally, we are convinced that our undershirts and boxer shorts ultimately help to avoid a lot of unnecessary waste. For one very simple reason: they are made to last! They are high quality, durable products that don't have to be thrown away after they've only been worn a couple of times. Which is not only better for the environment, it also saves you time and money because you don't have to keep on buying new clothes all the time. Better for the environment, and better for you. Basically, the perfect win-win situation!

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