A better way - ethical choises

We always think there is room for improvement.

Noshirt originally started because we wanted to make better underwear for men: luxury underwear that was truly invisible. In that sense, we have definitely accomplished our mission. However, Noshirt also wants to make a positive impact in other ways.

Better cotton and less waste
We source all our cotton in a responsible way, all our underwear is made in a verifiable way, and we try to eliminate any type of waste in any way we can.

Positive impact - sustainable choices
We make underwear that lasts longer. We don't use any plastic in the packaging of our products, and we are experts in creative recycling. Furthermore, our NOSHIRT nature and NOSHIRT performance lines are made entirely from natural and sustainable TENCEL, without any added cotton.

A better future - our commitment
In other words, we give our customers the option of buying products that are both great to wear and make every day just that little bit better. Because we do the very best we can for our customers every single day.

We make responsible choices in every step of our production and sales process, and are completely transparent about the way we work. 

When customers ask us difficult questions, we like to give them honest answers. (So ask us anything you want.)

Sustainability checklist: 

  • Responsible choice for high quality Supima cotton (link to blog), which looks better and lasts longer.
  • A line of 100% sustainable undershirts made from TENCEL (wood fibre).
  • All garments are made in OEKO-TEX and ISO-certified ateliers. This guarantees compliance with international standards on sustainable production processes and responsible working conditions.
  • Independent verification that no child labour or forced labour is used, and the workers in the workshops work reasonable hours and get decent wages.
  • 80% of the water used in the production process is recycled.
  • No plastic is used in our packaging.
  • Noshirts that aren’t sold (due to minor imperfections or returns) are recycled to make Nowaste products.


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