Noshirt Nature: Next level naturally

Can you ever have enough Noshirts?

We already had five different styles of Noshirt. But we decided we needed to create a completely new type of undershirt. We are therefore proud to present our latest collection: Noshirt Nature. Our most sustainable and natural undershirt.

More than ten years ago, we started Noshirt to meet the need for a high-quality undershirt that is truly invisible under your dress shirt. Noshirt Original, available in the colour invisible khaki, with the option of an extra deep V-neck, definitely fulfilled that need. So mission accomplished. It was time to set new ourselves goals: what else did we want?

We developed the ultra-thin Noshirt Lite for hot weather. And the Noshirt Dry for people who sweat easily, with ultra-thin fabric and absorbent panels under the armpits. Noshirt Pure for pure cotton lovers. And Noshirt Performance, a sustainable, high tech undershirt, that adapts to your body temperature: when you sweat, it cools you down. When you're cold, it keeps you warm.

And now we have Noshirt Nature. The latest and most sustainable addition to the growing Noshirt family. An undershirt we believe there is a need for. Noshirt Nature is made entirely from TENCEL: a fabric made from 100% sustainable wood fiber, which we also use for the underarm panels of the Noshirt Dry undershirts. A fantastic material. Super absorbent, super comfortable, and softer than soft. And just as important, good for the planet. TENCEL is made from cellulose from eucalyptus wood. This wood comes from special, sustainably managed forests, where a new tree is planted for every tree that is used. The production of the material takes place via a closed system in which water and solvents are permanently recycled.

With Noshirt Nature, we offer you a 100% sustainable undershirt, without any added cotton (which happens with a lot of other natural fabrics). An undershirt with the same high quality you have come to expect from Noshirt. When you choose Noshirt Nature, you choose for comfortable and sustainable luxury. Invisible luxury naturally: the undershirt is available in white and invisible khaki, and with a regular or deep V-neck.

NOSHIRT NATURE 30-DAY wear it and wash it trial period?
Would you like to try Noshirt Nature for yourself first before you decide? We completely understand. An undershirt made entirely from TENCEL is of course something totally new. That is why you can try out this undershirt, just like all our other products, during a 30-day wear it and wash it trial period. Are you ready for some next level natural luxury?

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