Handicraft for your feet

Walk like an Egyptian

SYou don't want to wear sturdy and stylish shoes on ill-fitting socks. That is why Nosocks are made from the best material and are finished by hand in an English atelier. You can see it and feel it on your feet. 

Socks protect your feet from blisters and your shoes from odours and bacteria. That is, if you wear socks that are made from natural materials, such as cotton or wool. Better yet: socks made from Egyptian cotton or Merino wool, like Nosocks.

High-quality cotton socks
Egyptian cotton is the highest quality cotton and the perfect material for socks. It is soft, strong, cool, breathable, does not fluff and can absorb a lot of moisture. Just what your feet need! By adding a minimal amount of Lycra and an anti-slip layer on the heel, Nosocks stay put all day long. The socks are antibacterial and keep your feet fresh.

Warm footies
That applies, as crazy as it sounds, also for the wintery, warm, woolen Nosocks. They are made from the soft wool of Merino sheep from Tasmania. It is not without reason that the wool travels around the world: the silky-soft material lends itself perfectly for combing before spinning. This leaves the longest wool fibers and you can make a very fine, ultra-soft thread, which is also breathable and absorbent. Add some nylon to it while spinning and you have the comfortable, soft base for nice and warm and well absorbing Nosocks.

Footies that don't slip
The high-quality cotton and wool goes to an English atelier that has specialised in sock design and production since 1937. There they are processed into Nosocks. Only professionals with an specialisation in socks and an understanding of feet work in this atelier. These experts know how important it is for socks to stay put and not pinch. They also understand that socks are a crucial fashion item.

That is why Nosocks only leave the atelier after they have passed through the right hands and have been approved by countless critical eyes. The size, colour and fit must be perfect and no loose thread must go unseen.

HHandicraft for your feet. That's exactly what makes Nosocks more than just socks. These are socks for people who want to look stylish from head to toe, without worry.

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