Invisible khaki: truly invisible

Undershirts should not be seen. Not even if you wear a white, light or airy shirt. That is why Noshirt, in addition to white and black, is also available in the unique color invisible khaki. A color that shows no contours and is therefore really invisible under your white or light shirt. Regardless of your skin color.

Invisible undershirt = more attractive
You wear an undershirt to absorb perspiration or to retain heat. To keep yourself and your shirt fresh, but not to show off. In fact, research* has shown that men who wear a visible undershirt (with a white collar above the shirt) are seen as less attractive and less successful than men who do not show an undershirt.

Tested for true invisibility
Reason enough to choose an undershirt that is truly invisible under a shirt. The unique, warm color invisible khaki has been developed on the basis of countless tests on different skin tones. That means you don't see any contours. Volkskrant Magazine was also enthusiastic about the result and awarded Noshirt in the invisible khaki color with a 9.0.

When which Noshirt
Not only the color of your undershirt determines the invisibility: the type of Noshirt is also important.

Deep V or regular V
Do you like to wear your shirt a bit wider? Then choose a Noshirt with deep V-neck. Then the collar disappears under the collar of your shirt. The regular v is especially suitable if you only wear one button of your shirt open.

Thin shirt? Noshirt Lite or Dry!
Do you really not want to see any contours under a thin, light shirt? Then choose our ultra-thin undershirts in the color invisible khaki. Noshirt Lite and Noshirt Dry are made of ultra-thin cotton and do not show any contours even under the lightest and airiest shirts.

30 days trial
Have you found your ultimate type (and colour) of Noshirt? Then you can 'trial wear' it for 30 days. That means wearing, washing, drying and washing again. Are you not satisfied? Then you can return your order free of charge and exchange it for another product. Or you will receive the purchase amount back.

We are happy to help you
Are you not quite sure which type of Noshirt suits you? Our shopping assistant offers a solution! And if you have (even more) doubts or questions, you can always contact us Contact record with us.

* Research conducted by research bureau 200 women assessed photos of 5 men who were wearing a visible undershirt in one photo and not in the other photo.



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